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Wedding Related Needs

Interested in getting in shape for your wedding?  Contact Melanie Pagel (Yes, your wedding planner is also a Pilates and Fitness Trainer) through Contact Us and we can discuss your fitness goals.  Openings for BRIDAL BOOTCAMP…start now!
Start your evening off right with POLE DANCING as your main event or before you hit the night life.  Learn some new moves and get everyone in a PARTY MOOD!  Ask Melanie (Wedding Planner) for more details.
Everyone looks better with a beautiful tan!  Save your skin from sun damage and get a flawless look formulated to your skin tone by Fantasy Tans.  No orange look, dark elbows, or product between the fingers…your professional tanning technician will give you the Perfect Tan whether you want to look kissed by the sun or like you just returned from the Carribean.  Special Packages designed for the bride and her wedding party or if you just want to look good for a special night out.  Contact Us for more info.
Are you starting your new married life in a new home or do you have any HOME IMPROVEMENT NEEDS…Big or small?  Contact Mike Pagel, Licensed Builder, at [email protected] for a free estimate.  If you are selling your home, let him know if you are interested in STAGING your home TO SELL.  Homes that are staged properly sell quicker than those that are not.  Money spent staging (which can be minimal) is commonly much less then your first price decrease.